Four Year Old Class

Mon/Wed/Fri AM: 9:00-11:30

Mon/Wed/Fri PM: 12:15-2:45

This class is for children that will be four by December 31. In this class, students focus on academics through play and learning in fun, real-world situations. We use a play-based approach to learning.

Enrichment Class

Tues/Thurs PM: 12:15-2:45

The enrichment curriculum compliments the 4's themes and is structured in a way that gives the children a taste of what kindergarten will be like.  It is wonderful for children ready for more of a challenge and for those who would benefit from more opportunities to develop their skills.

Classes  at  Mayfair  Nursery

For more information or to register, contact our lead teacher, Chris Leggieri, at (518)368-5565 or
Monthly Tuition & Fees

Tues/Thurs 3 Year old AM- $120 

Mon/Wed/Fri 4/5 Year old AM or PM- $140

Enrichment with Mayfair MWF Enrollment- $105

Enrichment without Mayfair MWF Enrollment- $115

Supply Fee- $30

Maintenance Fee- $90

Three Year Old Class

Tues/Thurs AM: 9:00-11:30

This class is for children that will be three by December 31. The focus of this class is on learning how to transition to school, how to socialize in a group setting, and to engage in stimulating, age-appropriate learning activities.