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At Mayfair Nursery School we understand that children are primarily active learners with a variety of interests and motivators. Because preschoolers learn best through active engagement with their world, the nursery school program provides opportunities to explore and manipulate materials in a variety of interest areas. Children are encouraged to investigate, ask questions, draw conclusions and make discoveries in centers which offer diverse opportunities for learning.  Our centers focus on Dramatic Play, Block Play, Art, Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts.  These centers promote the development of initiative and independence and present children with an array of appealing choices for exploration. Opportunities for outdoor investigation as well as music and movement further support children's varying interests and abilities. Interactions with peers and adults assist children in developing the ability to think critically, work cooperatively and problem-solve about relevant, meaningful content.

Our school is conveniently located at the corner of St. Anthony Lane and Glenridge Road in Glenville, about a half mile from the intersection of Saratoga Road (Route 50, Target & Hannaford) and Glenridge Road.  Our building was originally built as a nursery school and is owned by the cooperative.  It has a large open playroom and four smaller side rooms, housing the kitchen, bathroom, teacher’s office, and utilities. Our 100’x100’ lot includes a fenced-in play area containing a sandbox, swings, climbers, playhouse, and other outdoor equipment, as well as a large open area for games, activities, or just plain running around.  A convenient parking area is located in front of the building.

At Mayfair Nursery School, we believe that learning happens through play and by exposure to authentic "real world" situations- rather than on a worksheet. We strive to build the self-esteem and social skills of our young students while fostering their sense of independence. We believe that this approach to learning creates the perfect foundation for all of their future academic endeavors.

 Our School and Philosophy